Test Systems from WEETECH

Cable Tester, Wiring Tester, Functional Tester, Backplane Tester

… the range of test systems from WEETECH spans from a compact stand-alone tester up to a customer-specific setting in a 19’’ cabinet with integrated PC and a distributed switching matrix with multi-thousand test points.

The test systems manage from the low voltage test to verify sensitive cables and components up to the high voltage test to verify cable harnesses, wiring and sub-assemblies and a broad range of individual tasks.

Low Voltage Test

WEETECH offers a number of individual testers for the low voltage open test and short test. Either stand alone or PC based: the compact testers can be easily integrated into existing production environments.

Typical examples are tests of cables for computers or electric devices, cable harnesses in vehicles or wiring in electrical enclosures.By clicking on one of the testers in our online gallery you will receive detailed information to its most important features, test types und areas of applications. Please find the most suitable solution for your testing needs.

WK 140 / WK 240

WK 25 Group

WK 260 PC

High Voltage Test

High voltage test systems from WEETECH are based on a modular system architecture, perfectly adjustable to individual applications. Many of them can even be converted or upgraded to new requirements after many years in operation.

Typical applications are tests of cables and harnesses for hybrids or cables, harnesses and wiring in the aerospace industry or in the railway and transportation industry.Besides a various generators the configuration capabilities include matrix cases or expansion units for a convenient and clear adaption of big or even very big units under test with many thousands of test points.

W 434

W 444

W 454

W 454 HV / W 454 SHV

Functional Test

For a functional test the WEETECH test systems simulate reality and enforce switching operations that can only be tested in an embedded condition. In doing so voltages, currents, time intervals and other measurement categories are adjusted and switching sequences are processed in a way, it would happen in reality.

Typical units under test are display and operating units, central electric units of vehicles, electrical enclosures, driver’s cabins or home appliances.
Test systems from WEETECH can switch external voltages either through build-in or by using external, connected generators.

WK 260 PC